Bulb Flat Shipbuilding Project

Bulb Flat Shipbuilding Project

Bulb Flat Shipbuilding Project

Product: NV/AH36 Bulb Flat Steel (DNV Approval)

Quantity: 110 MT

Location: Singapore

Project Story

We are pleased to announce that 110 tons of AH36 hot-rolled flat bulbs produced by Longteng Special Steel have been delivered to customers in Singapore in time. The material will be used to build shipbuilding structures.

AH36 Bulb flats are types of special section steels suitable for ship and bridge construction. For large ships and regular ships, marine bulb flats were generally chosen for the main hull in the design, using the same sickness and material with the panels connected to them are adopted as the aggregate.

Thanks to the rounded edge design, bulb flats are excellent stiffeners with a longer life span compared to angle steels in terms of corrosion-resistance, because there is no need for edge grinding before painting, saving time and money during manufacturing.